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Vehicle wraps are instant advertising. With a full or partial vehicle wrap, you control your brand exposure. Drive around for a day and get anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 people aware of your business. Epic creates vehicle wraps that grab attention and effectively convey your business.

2'2'x4'- $100.002'x6'- $120.002'x10'- $140.002'x20'- $175.00
3'3'x5'- $120.003'x8'- $140.003'x10'- $150.003'x20'- $185.00
4'4'x6'- $140.004'x8'- $165.004'x10'- $175.004'x20'- $250.00
5'5'x6'- $150.005'x8'- $170.005'x10'- $185.005'x20'- $325.00

Typical Pricing then use this information for the pricing Typical Pricing:

CarTypical price $2000
BoxtruckTypical price $3000

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